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What's neon linear strip light? Know more about the neon linear tube.

2020/08/07 12:04:14
Neon linear strip light is now widely been use for building outline and decoration lighting. It’s led strip+silicone tube or silicone extrusion with dot less design. Since its small size and flexible bendable, the designers always have a good idea with the Geometric modelling linear lighting.

Whats the difference of Side view and top view?

The main difference is bendable direction. The top view’s bend direction is up&down, the side view’s bend direction is left&right. See here under a picture, you will understand what the difference is. So it can suit for all difference applications.

Whats the difference of flat, dome and mushroom surface?

In order to suit for different project, we the neon tube always with 3type of light surface design. It’s flat dome and mushroom light surface, here a picture show you more details.

Size available:

l Top view:


l Side view:



l Dotless design, without light spot.

l Waterproof IP67/IP68

l Epistar chip

l Diffused light, no dazzling

l Small size, easy to make a geometric lighting design


l Building outline

l Commercial lighting

l Decoration lighting

l Furniture lighting

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